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Global Wipes Demand On The Rise

August 27, 2007

The Freedonia Group has published a report on global demand for consumer and industrial wipes.

Research firm The Freedonia Group, Cleveland, OH, has published a report on global demand for consumer and industrial wipes. Entitled World Wipes, the study forecasts growth will increase 6.1% per year to $7.8 billion in 2011.  According to The Freedonia Group, what began as a convenience item for parents during infant diaper changes has turned into a vast, task-specific product market where there is a wipe for nearly every need. There have been signs of maturity as new product introductions begin to slow and become centered around the improvement of existing product lines.

The report also found that the majority of the global wipes market is in the developed areas of the U.S., Western Europe and Japan, which together accounted for 72% of global demand in 2006. Just the U.S. and Western Europe together accounted for 64% of the total. Propelled by a significant manufacturing base, a large affluent population and lifestyle trends focused on time-saving products, these areas will continue to lead the global
wipes market.  

The study also suggests that more rapid gains will be linked to developing nations such as China and India. Many developing areas are experiencing rapid economic and industrial expansion, providing opportunities for wipes used in manufacturing processes, as well as in janitorial activities in service sectors and various other businesses. These areas are experiencing urbanization, and increases in personal income levels, allowing a greater number of individuals the monetary resources to indulge in value-added consumer items such as facial cleansing wipes and household cleaning wipes. China alone will increase its demand for wipes to nearly $500 million in 2011 and will surpass Japan as the leading market in the Asia/Pacific region soon after that.

The large baby wipes market will be limited by market maturity, particularly in developed countries, and declining birth rates throughout the world. Though the overall category will be restrained by slowing growth in demand for baby wipes, strong gains by wipes in household, hand and body, and a number of niche applications will continue to propel advances. Demand for industrial wipes is forecast to approach $3 billion in 2011, increasing 6% annually. New and innovative offerings providing task-specific performance properties will increasingly replace established cleaning alternatives.

The 293 page report is available for $5400 from The
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