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ES Fibervisions Expands

July 2, 2007

PET Bico line to be installed in Denmark.

ES Fibervisions has added new capacity and launched new products to meet increased demand for Europe’s growing nonwoven industrial textiles and hygiene markets. Scheduled to begin commercial operation in the fourth quarter of 2007, ES Fibervisions’ 13th dedicated bicomponent line at its European production site in Varde, Denmark will be the company’s largest to date. It will expand production and supply capability of ES Fibervisions’ innovative range of polyethylene/polypropylene (PE/PP), ultra bulk, airlaid and specialty fibers for binding non-traditional fiber structures. This capacity expansion follows the company’s recent introduction of global production capability for its new polyester (PET) bicomponent fibers.  ES Fibervisions first added PE/PET fibres to its portfolio in 2000, with production concentrated at its sites in Japan and China. The addition of a PET bico line last year at its Varde facility and in North America in 2005, will allow customers around the world to benefit from standardized, high quality PET bicomponent fibers.
ES Fibervisions’ bicomponent fibers provide a wide variety of performance and productivity-related benefits to nonwoven fabrics. By binding together all types of fibres, such as glass, hemp, cotton, synthetics, metal, graphite and cellulose, manufacturers can achieve innovative textile solutions through new fibre combinations or meet specific physical property requirements using lower cost solutions.

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