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Tyvek Hits Milestone

June 21, 2007

Technology celebrates 40th anniversary.

DuPont Tyvek, a nonwoven material that provides a combination of barrier protection, durability and breathability, marks its
40th anniversary as demand continues to be strong in applications where high-performance protection is required. Combining the best characteristics of paper, film and fabric, Tyvek is lightweight but still strong and breathable while resistant to water, a wide range of hazardous materials, chemical degradation and tears.
"DuPont Tyvek revolutionized the selective barrier as the first
nonwoven that is not permeable to particulates, mold and bacteria, while still letting beneficial elements like clean air pass through," said Matthew L. Trerotola, vice president and general manager – DuPont Nonwovens. "DuPont has a strong tradition of delivering Tyvek innovations to meet the changing needs of the global marketplace. As a global leader in selective barrier technologies, we are committed to continue to provide Tyvek and other technologies to help protect buildings, workers, vehicles, equipment and critical information documents."
Tyvek has unique qualities that make it ideal for end uses across
diverse industries, with innovative consumer and protection applications. Although Tyvek’s most commonly known application is as homeWrap, it is also used in protective garments, envelopes, tags and labels, indoor and outdoor signs and banners, sterile medical and industrial packaging as well as bags, maps and car covers.
Additional applications include protective garments, medial packaging and envelopes.
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