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Hortaflex Offers Environmentally Friendly Weed Control

June 12, 2007

DS Technical Nonwoven's product contains Ingeo fiber.

DS Technical Nonwoven has launched Hortaflex, a new eco-fleece made of Ingeo fiber from Natureworks. Designed for  mulch matting and other weed control uses, Hortaflex is produced in Belgium and will be distributed in Germany and throughout Europe and with selected partners in the U.S..  
Hortaflex, made of Ingeo fiber, is an alternative to the oil-based materials normally used in weed control. It can be returned to the soil when composted under the right moisture and temperature conditions found in industrial composting facilities.  This, in the long term, shortens the product’s production cycle and provides an added environmental benefit, especially when gardeners or horticulturists are faced with the task of removing the barrier fabric after a few years when changing over a garden or landscape.
The Hortaflex product is offered in weights ranging from a lightweight 120 grams per square meter nonwoven fabric to a rugged 1.5 kilogram per square meter fabric for landscaping, erosion protection and stabilization as well as weed control barriers and pre-seeded grow mats. DS Technical Nonwoven can also customize this fabric with modifications such as weight, tenacity and elongation requirements, and structures such as needlepunched, calendared or laminated or with speciality functional additives.
While developing the production process for the Hortaflex range, initial tests showed that with the addition of grass seeds, better germination and growth results were observed when compared to conventional cellulose carpet-based structures. This combined with the added benefit of lighter weight structures means Hortaflex can offer a positive alternative for the existing mulch-mats for the growing trend of green roof applications, enhancing the eco-options for architecture as well as contemporary landscaping.

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