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May 23, 2007

AMETEK T Americas has produced an 18-page brochure that covers the full range of Lloyd Instruments single- and twin-column universal materials testing machines, software and application solutions as well as its Davenport plastics and polymer testing instruments. Along with detailed technical specifications on Lloyd Instruments universal test machines from 1kN to 300kN (225lbf-67443lbf), the brochure includes a demonstration CD highlighting the capabilities of the highly acclaimed NEXYGENPlus materials testing software for Lloyd Instruments ‘Plus’ series of universal materials testing instruments.

The brochure also offers information on accessories that are available for a host of industrial, research and academic applications, ranging from a comprehensive series of jigs and fixtures to tailored systems designed for low- and high-temperature applications, food texture analysis, high-elongation sample testing and the testing of extra-large samples using a ‘pogo’ arrangement.

One section of the brochure devoted to the NEXYGENPlus details the extensive capabilities of the proprietary software, including test creation, data collection, reporting and exporting test data, video and still picture capture, test data security and audit trails, and test automation and customization. Another that covers instrument applications includes both industry-standard and custom-generated tests and offers examples for rubber, plastics, packaging, metals, textiles foam, food, paper and board.