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After Sales Service

January 17, 2007

Fleissner GmbH has newly organized and extended its after sales services  department, which has been successfully concentrating on machine engineering and spare parts for many years. The  Fleissner After Sales Service department is part of the Project Management division so customer support services can begin right after the start of a new plant. The project manager involves the After Sales Service during project handling and the warranty period, which offers distinct advantages to the customers with respect to response time and scope of services. During this period, customers can benefit from additional services such as the teleservice, thus getting to know Fleissner as a reliable service provider. Customers can depend on these services during the entire lifetime of their plant.

The Fleissner after sales service includes four elements, namely machine service, technological service, teleservice and spare parts service. The machine service aims at reducing the hazard of unplanned standstills by specific maintenance and inspection visits at fixed intervals and fixed costs. With its technological service Fleissner shares with its customers the experience gained during many years of production in the fields of textiles, nonwovens and man-made fibers. Short response times and direct access to the Fleissner specialists are the advantages of the teleservice and the distribution of spare parts supplies more than just replacement parts.  For example, new materials are used for typical wear parts to increase their service life.

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