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Truetzschler Buys Fleissner

November 21, 2006

The Fleissner Company, a maker of spunlace machinery and other textile production equipment, has been purchased by Trützschler Group. The acquisition of Fleissner, will allow Trützschler to expand its nonwovens machinery range from bale opening, carding, lapping and web drafting into hydroentangling and drying.

    Fleissner, located in Egelsbach, Germany, was purchased from its founding family from the Zimmer Group in 2003. With sales estimated at €60 million, the company is a market leader in the nonwovens sector and produces machines and lines for the production of manmade fibers. In addition, Fleissner’s product range includes high-duty lines for drying of tissue and paper, and finishing lines for textiles.
The Trützschler Group, is headquartered in Mönchengladbach, Germany, and has subsidiaries in six countries—including the U.S., Brazil, India and China—with about 2200 employees worldwide. A supplier of machines and installations for the textile industry as well as spinning preparation equipment Trützschler acquired shares of Erko in Dülmen, Germany in 2005, thus gaining a comprehensive nonwovens machinery range.
The product ranges of Erko Trützschler and Fleissner complement each other by making it possible to supply complete lines. If requested by customers, lines or equipment can also be supplied in cooperation with other companies and competitors, as has been a long-standing tradition for Trützschler and Fleissner.

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