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Monadnock Completes Expansion

Published October 10, 2006
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Monadnock Non-Wovens LLC (MNW) has completed a million dollar expansion of its Mount Pocono, PA facility. The effort concludes a three-year process development program to install what the company considers the world’s first Halar meltblown line. Halar ECTFE, a fluoropolymer produced by Solvey Solexis, is used in a variety of applications. Its properties include high resistance to chemical attack, extremely low shedding, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and stability in ozonated water often used in the electronics or pharmaceutical industry. It is also hydrophobic and chemically inert for use in the chemical process industry as a coating or lining.  
According to the company, until recently, commercial quantities of meltblown media in rolls from 6- to 70-inch slit widths typically in 1.6, 3 and 12 opsy have not been available. Rowland Griffin, technical director of MNW explained, “This development enables a variety of process users and filter manufacturers to apply the ultra-clean and highly resistant Halar properties in cartridge, bag and flat stock media. Its application can be as wide ranging as support or pre-filtration media to other PTFE or PVDF membranes or even replacing membranes altogether with lower cost absolute rated depth filters of Halar. Other important applications include composites to form RFP tapes used to line pipes or other critical components.”