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Huntsman Launches Global Branding Program

September 6, 2006

Huntsman’s Textile Effects business segment has launched a first-ever global branding program for innovative textile color and finishing effects. High IQ stands for Innovation and Quality. The first five “intelligent” effects in the program are cool comfort, lasting color, freshness, easy care plus and sun protection. Additional effects are being developed. “The new High IQ branding program underlines Huntsman’s commitment to investing in specialty chemicals and textile innovation,” said Paul Hulme, president of Huntsman’s materials & effects division.

Peter Otto, Global Head of Marketing in Textile Effects, commented: “The response to High IQ has surpassed all expectations. The program has been welcomed by our mill partners, garment packagers and converters, brands and retailers alike. Our High IQ webpage registered 80,000 hits and one thousand visitors in terms of individual companies within the first four days of launch. Major brands are already committing to introduce High IQ effects.

Textile Effects supports mills worldwide in producing fabric to clearly defined specifications. High IQ is designed to help ensure reliable product sourcing and to support innovation and differentiation throughout the textile processing chain, thereby adding value to garments. High IQ labels provide clear benefit statements for consumers, enhancing convenience and confidence in garment selection and purchase.