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New Airlaid Company Formed

June 28, 2006

Two airlaid veterans have formed a new company, Danish Airlaid Technology A/S, to offer flexible airlaid technology to a number of markets. Lars Laursen and Mogens Olesen have erected a new building in Horsens, Denmark for the commercial production of thermal bonded airlaid machines featuring added proprietary technology.

Mr. Laursen and Mr. Olesen are basing this collaboration on their signficant experience in the airlaid market. “After  Mogens  and  I  for  some  years  have  been  responsible  for  constructing/erecting  airlaid  production facilities  all over the world, we are now very much looking forward to establishing an  airlaid production facility here in Denmark,” said Mr. Laursen. “Despite that the technology was developed here in Denmark in the late 1960's there is no commercial production of absorbing airlaid products here in  Denmark.”    

The company aims in a relatively short time to become a significant supplier of high quality food pads within Europe. Parallel to this, the company will establish a base of customers in the following segments—incontinence, high-end feminine hygiene and absorbing products to the health service area in general—and develop and commercialize niche markets for airlaid technology.

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