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Adhesive Tape Uses Spunlace

May 10, 2006

Scapa Medical has introduced BioflexÒ Rx1184P-2.4, a durable, heavyweight fabric adhesive tape for direct skin medical device attachment.  The product is specifically designed for bandages, insulin infusion sets, ECG electrodes, and TENS.   BioflexÒ Rx1184P-2.4 is composed of a breathable white spunlaced polyester fabric, single coated with a medical grade acrylic adhesive.  The product is supplied with a white 76# polycoated stay flat release liner that aids in die cutting.
     The aggressive acrylic adhesive in Rx1184P-2.4 provides good adhesion to the skin for long term wear, yet removes easily without causing skin trauma.  The spunlaced fabric is conformable, lightweight and comfortable.  This product is available in widths up to 46 inches and has passed primary skin irritation, cytotoxicity and skin sensitization product safety testing.

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