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Spandex Maker Adds Capacity

November 18, 2005

Spandex maker RadiciSpandex has added capacity of its Type S-17OC spandex for the baby diaper market at its plant in Tuscaloosa, AL.  RadiciSpandex has stepped up production of S-17PC, which is now a more robust and stronger fiber that allows better performance and yields, in response to increased demand from diaper producers. The new and improved S-17PC is the result of updated spinning equipment installed at the Tuscaloosa plant over the past two years.

Nonwoven fabric producers currently running S-17PC programs in end-use categories such as disposables, personal care, feminine care products and medical garments can benefit from the fibers’ high power-to-denier ratio and impressive compatibility with all hotmelt compounds and applicators, including spiral, targeted, meltdown and slot according to executives.

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