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Ahlstrom Line To Target Filtration, Other Markets

June 14, 2005

Ahlstrom Corporation will begin commercial production on its new fine fiber nonwoven line immediately. The new line, located in Ahlstrom’s Turin, Italy plant is based on a custom melt-spinning technology that has been developed to produce materials with unique characteristics. With the ability to use multiple polymers as well as create multilayer and calendered products, the line will give Ahlstrom great flexibility to serve multiple applications, particularly the growing air and liquid filtration markets.

Where traditional meltblown technology produces most fibers above one micron, Ahlstrom’s Fine Fiber technology produces a much higher proportion of fibers in the sub-micron range. This greater amount of finer fibers opens up many possibilities to increase filtration efficiencies while maintaining performance, according to executives. In addition, the compositing capabilities of the line combined with its ability to produce multiple density materials will allow it to create novel structures, opening up new avenues for filtration product development.

The line will also target such applications as insulation and sorbent products.

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