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TZMO To Open Hygiene Plant In India

December 9, 2004

Polish consumer goods maker Torunskie Zaklady Materialow Opatrunkowych (TZMO) will open a feminine hygiene products plant in India next year, according to reports. It is the first large investment by a Polish company in that country. "In India only 20 percent of women use hygiene materials. Nevertheless the market is huge. That is the reason for our decision to build a plant there," said TZMO's president Jaroslaw Jozefowicz. India has a population of 1.2bn people.

The new plant, which is being constructed by a firm that TZMO founded together with an Indian partner, will initially produce pant liners but additional products will most likely be made there as well.

The Torun-based company is one of Poland's largest exporters, responsible for 5% of Polish exports to Russia ($90m by September 2004, making it one of Russia's largest supplier of feminine hygiene products.

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