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November 11, 2004

Engqvist Consulting of Switzerland and John R. Starr, Inc. have published report based on a multi-sponsored study of the competing and complementary product solutions for adult incontinence in North America and Western Europe. People seeking solutions for incontinence symptoms have many product and treatment alternatives. An increasing array of pharmaceutical, device and behavioral therapy treatment options as well as improved hygiene absorbent products are emerging to address various types of adult incontinence conditions. This study assesses how these competing and complementary solutions are likely to impact the future market outlook for disposable absorbent products, incontinence drugs, medical devices and behavioral therapies in the key country markets of North America and Western Europe.

This study provides market and technology assessments and quantitative forecasts including: incontinent population demographics and prevalence by key country and regional market and by type of incontinence, theoretical market potential and current market penetration based on potential usage rates and consumption volumes for each incontinence product category by type of incontinence diagnosis, North American and Western European market size in 2003 and growth outlook to 2008 by type of incontinence, profiles of product and market positions of leading marketers of hygiene absorbent products, drugs and medical devices for incontinence and market, product and technology trends by type of incontinence and product category, including projected timeline for new drug and medical device government regulatory approvals for incontinence treatment in key country markets.

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