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Video Demonstrations

November 30, -0001

Nordson Corporation  has created a new initiative to conduct live video demonstrations online for customers who want to test Nordson’s adhesive dispensing systems without the time and expense of traveling to a Nordson test facility. Offered as a timely cost-saving service, customers sitting at their desktop computers can participate in a live, interactive demonstration of Nordson equipment performing precision adhesive dispensing on customer-specified products or samples.

“With businesses seeking to contain costs across the board, it makes sense on our part to find ways for our customers to do business with us as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible,” said Jim DeVries, vice president, adhesive dispensing systems, North Amer­ica at Nordson. “By leveraging today’s easy-to-use, widely available communications software and technology, all our customers need is a computer and a phone connection to test our equipment with their products, substrates, or specific adhesive materials before making a purchase decision. While customers are still welcome to visit our labs to see their tests in person, this is a simple and effective alternative to the air travel, hotel and car rental costs companies typically incur during product testing.”

The first live video demos were conducted successfully at Nordson’s fully equipped application and technical support lab in Duluth, GA in March 2009. Customers participated in full-scale online testing, demonstration and evaluation of automated adhesive dispensing systems. Process variables and adhesive system performance were monitored, adjusted and documented during each step of the testing process to prove the viability of the equipment and the specific application requirements.