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Surface Winding Systems

November 30, -0001

Parkinson Technologies has made numerous technology improvements to its line of Surface Winding Systems that will provide users with improved performance and reliability. Parkinson Surface Winding Systems include the Mark II, Mark III and Mark IV winders and are used in paper and nonwovens industry applications. These improvements have specifically been made to the company’s patented Positran Transfer System, which allows the ability to continuously wind during automatic cut-over at full line speeds. They include: dual servo drives for more precise operation and reliability; improved shaft management capabilities and a redesigned cutter bar for faster operation, ensuring better cuts at high speeds.

“All of these improvements combined will simply help converters produce better rolls of material, faster,” said Ken Cavanagh, Parkinson’s vice president of technology and product development.

Parkinson Surface Winding Systems are available for roll widths up to 276 inches and speeds up to 3000 feet per minute. They support core sizes up to 12 inches and roll diameters up to 60 inches. The Mark III and Mark IV systems feature multi-drum designs for continuous winding capabilities.

“These technology advances are part of our continuous commitment to improving value to our customers,” said Stephen Montalto, Parkinson’s director of sales and marketing. “The innovation behind these design improvements will translate into better performance for our products, which in turn results in better processing for our customers.”