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Performance apparel represents one of the fastest growing sectors of the international textile industry and its growth is being fuelled by new fiber and fabric developments, enhanced process technologies and changing consumer lifestyles. As a result, many raw product and roll goods manufacturers are using their knowledge and experience to expand into this market. One example is superabsorbent fiber manufacturer Technical Absorbents Limited (TAL) The core business of UK-based TAL is the manufacture of OASIS superabsorbent fiber (Oasis SAF) at its production site in Grimsby. Its business portfolio is comprised of the production and direct sale of Oasis SAF and the toll manufacture and sale of nonwovens, yarns, woven fabrics and finished consumer products—all containing the superabsorbent fiber.

The raw product is manufactured using the most state-of-the-art production methods and control protocols available. This allows TAL to offer an extremely high performance and versatile superabsorbent fiber portfolio that is suitable for a range of applications in a number of different markets. These include food packaging, hygiene, medical, dental and coolant technology.

During the last few years, TAL has increased its experience of coolant technology and has helped established two specific technologies targeting the performance apparel market—three-layer evaporative cooling composite fabrics and a phase-change/superabsorbent composite fabric for combined cooling and sweat absorption. Its latest stride into the sector is the development of a fully washable superabsorbent yarn system.

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