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Recycling Machine

November 30, -0001

Recycling technology, a division of Star­linger & Co GmbH, Vienna, offers a spectrum of innovative machinery solutions for the efficient recycling of a variety of plastics, such as PE, PP, PA, PS, PET and many more. Founded in 2000, recycling technology is the company's youngest field of endeavour. Yet thanks to entirely new recycling technologies and proven machine concepts, Star­linger's product line recoSTAR quickly asserted its place in the market and has become a global player in the field of plastics recycling.

The company's recoSTAR universal 65 is the most suitable line for processing a wide range of thermoplasts and a variety of different products. The line achieves an output of max. 200 kg/h. The recoSTAR universal has a powerful single-shaft cutter mounted on top of the extruder and thus can be used for the recycling of film and hard-to-grind waste such as tapes, fibers and lump waste from extrusion start-up as well. Tests have shown that it is the ideal concept for PA fibers and film as well as for nonwoven materials, delivering improved regranulate quality (e.g. less discoloring and less degradation.)