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Measuring And Control Systems

November 30, -0001

NDC has added to its array of thickness measuring and control systems, the 8110-F–a single-point gauging system that enjoys all the capabilities of TDi (Total Distributed Intelligence) but at a lower cost entry point.

The 8110-F is built on the very foundation of NDC’s most technologically advanced measurement and control system, TDi. This allows every component within the system to operate with sophisticated simplicity, making for unparalleled reliability and accuracy. What’s more, as an application’s measurement and control requirements grow, so can the 8110-F. Since it is based on the TDi architecture, it is seamlessly upgradable to more complex NDC systems with greater functionality.

The 8110-F comprises of an iFrame intelligent Measurement and Control station and the choice of two intelligent sensors: either a Gamma Backscatter sensor or an Infrared sensor with four IR channels depending on the application need. The iFrame is the same device used to control NDC Scanning frames, so adding a scanner later to enhance system capabilities is as simple as installing the scanner, fitting the sensor on the traversing carriage, and upgrading the iFrame software.

To view the process, the MiniFlex Operator Work Station is available with full touch screen capability.  As a more economic alternative, NDC can provide View Station software which operates on a customer-supplied standard Windows XP or Vista computer with monitor and mouse.  Either device is capable of monitoring up to eight 8110-F systems, providing for even further economy.