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Great Lakes, Acme Mills offers recycling solution

November 30, -0001

Program addresses filters, paint sludge and overspray.

Great Lakes Filters and the Acme Mills Company have partnered with Preferred Filter Recycling of St. Clair Shores, MI to offer the industry a complete cradle-to-cradle recycling solution, specifically addressing spent air and liquid filters, residual paint sludge, powdercote over spray and clean plastic off-fall.
For years, industry has struggled with the dilemma of what to do with spent filtration, paint sludge and powdercote over spray. Until now, little has been done. These materials ended up in a landfill or the waste was incinerated with the manufacturer absorbing the cost of disposal. Even companies who boasted about 'recycling' their spent material only repackaged it to be used as furnace consumables.
"We decided it was a time for a change," says Dan Chrzanowski of Preferred Filter Recycling. "We utilize a process to take spent filtration materials, extract the contaminates, and through a patented process, end up with usable products that we can introduce into the plastics market."
"It's a revolution," added Matt Utley, COO of Great Lakes Filters. "This is truly a green, cradle to cradle process for handling some of the industry's biggest recycling issues."
The PFR/GLF partnership utilizes state-of-the-art, patented processes, making a convenient, desirable product from waste streams including spent filtration media, paint sludge and powdercote overspray.
"It all begins with NeuBond," cites Utley. "NeuBond is a phenomenal filtration medium.  It is designed in such a way that it can instantly go into virtually  any industrial environment or application, and perform  better than the original equipment specification.”
The 'magic' behind NeuBond is its chemical composition, allowing it to purify and recycle the media.  After a client's needs are assessed, NeuBond filter media products begins to ship to a client's facility. Once the media is expended, Preferred Filter Recycling coordinates with your location's waste handling team and arranges for all of the NeuBond materials to be reclaimed and delivered to our recycling facility.”
Contaminates are extracted and re-tasked back into the supply chain. "We love the fact that this is literally a cradle-to-cradle process." stated Utley. "Re-utilizing the contaminates makes this process true recycling."
Polyproplyene filter materials, along with powdercote over spray, and paint sludge are reprocessed through a patented system. The resin generated from the system is put back into the supply chain to be used to create new plastic products.
This resin can be re-introduced into the client's manufacturing process or sold into the market as usable plastic for new products.
The fact that this partnership can offer an unlimited number of filtration solutions, recapture the depleted product and recycle it makes this solution a true industry game-changer. Dan adds, “We're excited to team up with Great Lakes filters and offer our new and existing customer bases high quality, competitive filtration products, while allowing our clients to meet their ZERO landfill goals."

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