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March 13, 2007
During the past three weeks, there has been more news relating to adult incontinence than there has been all year. First, Paperpak announced it had a new owner; then, Whitestone bought fellow AI manufacturer Humanicare and finally Procter & Gambl…  Read More »
Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor
February 12, 2007
One of the best things about a democracy is the right to vote.   Read More »
January 3, 2007
Around here, January is baby diaper month and this issue is chock full of information about the global diaper market. Thanks to the help of diaper consultant Carlos Richer and market tracker Euromonitor, I think it's safe to say that this issue conta…  Read More »
December 13, 2006
The apparel market has long been the envy of the nonwovens industry. Being able to tailor nonwovens to the needs of clothiers, not in interlinings but for the actual garments, would create huge market potential for nonwovens. For years a number of co…  Read More »
November 8, 2006
The filtration market is expanding—both in product scope and in number of participants. Not only are new companies—not traditionally invested in filtration—entering the market, but many companies already participating in filtration…  Read More »
October 16, 2006
A few weeks ago, financial analyst Jim Cramer proclaimed his faith in disposable diapers by appearing on his Mad Money television show wearing a diaper. Known for his crazed antics, Cramer wore the diaper to underscore why buying Kimberly-Clark stock…  Read More »
September 11, 2006
It seems every year we are adding and subtracting companies in our annual Top Companies report. This year, we added two Italian producers—Albis and Union Industries—who are both centered on the hygiene market. While both of these companie…  Read More »
August 17, 2006
Last month, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at the Clemson Nonwovens Forum, which for more than  30 years, has served as an introduction for nonwovens newcomers to the industry, from both a technology and a marketing perspective. Wh…  Read More »
July 18, 2006
You can't pick up a newspaper, listen to the radio or watch television these days without hearing about China's rapid development. Just this week, I heard a news story about challenges to China's water supply, which, per capita, is about…  Read More »
Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor
June 14, 2006
One thing that is constantly reverberating throughout the pages of Nonwovens Industry is this industry‚Äôs constant search for new ideas and innovations.   Read More »
May 17, 2006
One might look at this month's cover of Nonwovens Industry and wonder what U.S. Armed Forces have to do with nonwovens. Well, the U.S. Marine Corps is investing significant resources in developing nonwoven composite fabric technology for combat utili…  Read More »
Karen Bitz McIntyre
April 17, 2006
Am I making enough money? This is the question that plagues every worker—from the hourly employee working the production line to the CEO of a major multinational company. Being fairly, and adequately, compensated for the contribution you give t…  Read More »
Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor
March 6, 2006
This letter responds to, and agrees with, another letter submitted by Scott Tomlin of Degussa, which was published in our December 2005 issue.  Read More »
February 10, 2006
According to INDA's recent analysis of wipes, household wipes now comprise the majority of North American disposable wipes sales. Experts say that the success of this market has largely been caused by the widespread popularity of electrostatic and we…  Read More »
January 6, 2006
In the past couple of months, there has been a lot of talk in the media about a new movement, among some mothers, to toilet train their children when they are months, or even weeks, old. According to a website operated by Diaper-Free Baby, a non-prof…  Read More »