• Wipes

    In Defense Of Disposables

    Disposing of disposables has been a huge issue in nonwovens since long before it became ultra-cool to be green and every other company out there put sustainability at the top of their list of corporate goals.
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 11.10.08

  • Airlaid

    What's Next for Airlaid?

    When I took over the post of editor of Nonwovens Industry nearly eight years ago, the airlaid market was one of the most buzzed-about topics out there. Concert had announced plans to add two side-by-side airlaid lines in Quebec. Its key North America…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 10.15.08

  • China, Where Are You?

    The 2008 Summer Olympics has been described by some newscasters as China's coming out party to the world. That is an accurate statement if you consider the impressive scenes of the opening ceremony, the fact that at press time China is leading in the…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 09.10.08

  • Madness Over Medical

    Healthcare is a huge issue in the U.S. The rising cost of healthcare and the growing percentage of the population without access to reasonable healthcare will be one of this election year's biggest topics. A recent survey conducted by National Pub…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 08.13.08

  • Machinery and Equipment

    Getting Ahead... And Staying There

    It's no secret that Procter & Gamble is a powerhouse in the nonwovens industry, particularly on the disposable side, so a few months ago when a member of its purchasing group invited me to speak on supply and demand issues facing the gl…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 07.17.08

  • Wipes

    Show Us The Money

    It's forecast that this summer, here in the U.S., gas prices will hit the $5 mark across the board, not just in the notoriously expensive areas such as California. With a gallon of gas already hovering in the $4 range and prices of many other consume…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 06.18.08

  • Where In the World Are Nonwovens?

    After steadily increasing for nearly a decade, U.S. exports of nonwovens fell nearly 5% last year to 259 kilograms. This reversal came as imports of nonwovens from other countries gained nearly 15% the same year. While the U.S. still export…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 05.20.08

  • A Global Event

    This month, INDEX, the European leg of a trio of nonwovens-related trade shows, will be held in Geneva, Switzerland. Expected to attract 12,000 visitors, this global event will feature nearly 500 exhibitors from 100 countries. As the largest INDEX&am…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 04.02.08

  • Let's Get Technical

    The role of nonwovens in technical applications is increasing, creating new markets and improving profits for many of our industry's key manufacturers. This month, in preparation for the bi-annual Techtextil North America trade show, scheduled for Ap…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 03.20.08

  • Airlaid | Spunlace | Wipes

    The Great Shake Up

    As we went to press, Fiberweb—one of the world's largest and most diversified nonwovens producers—announced that Avgol, a major supplier of spunmelt nonwovens, was conducting due diligence for a potential purchase. (For more information,…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 02.06.08

  • Doing Double Time With Disposable Diapers

    My dual roles as the editor of this magazine and a mother of two children causes me to spend a lot of time thinking about disposable diapers. Not only how they perform but also why they perform the way they do and which products give the best bang fo…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 01.10.08

  • Filtration | Machinery and Equipment | Nanotechnology

    Another Year Bites The Dust

    The past 12 months have been good ones for the nonwovens industry, marked by the largest ever IDEA Show, North America's largest nonwovens exposition, numerous nonwovens capacity investments around the globe and continued growth in both exi…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 12.05.07

  • Spunlace | Wipes

    More Growth Ahead For Wipes

    Last month, Ahlstrom dedicated a new spunlace line at its Green Bay, WI facility, a site acquired from Green Bay Nonwovens two years ago. At the ceremony, Martin Davis, the general manager of Ahlstrom's global wipes business, called the $30 million i…
    Karen Bitz McIntyre 11.08.07

  • Airlaid

    What Goes Around, Comes Around

    In 2001, when I took over as editor of Nonwovens Industry, airlaid, so the experts said, was poised for growth.
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 10.10.07

  • Filtration | Wipes

    Investment Continues In The Global Nonwovens Industry

    Despite concerns over market maturity and pricing pressures in many key markets for nonwovens, this year’s annual Top Company report proves that this market remains in growth mode.
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 10.10.07

  • India | Western Europe

    What Will Be The Next Big Growth Region For Nonwovens?

    That is the question everyone in nonwovens is asking. Some say China but others doubt its long-term viability; others say India but others say this market is rife with problems of its own. Other regions that could become hot growth spots for nonwoven…

  • A New Way Of Doing Things

    For the past several years, we have been managing our International Buyers’ Guide online. Companies are e-mailed a user name and password and then asked to update their company listings themselves. Like most things, this has its advantages and disadvantages.
    Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor 07.16.07

  • How Green Are You?

    Environmental consciousness was running high at the IDEA07 show last month with a number of companies launching products touting eco-friendly benefits. Perhaps this is a direct offshoot of the industry's quest—like so many others—to lesse…

  • Construction

    Three Days In Miami

    For many involved in nonwovens, the last several months have centered largely around preparation for IDEA 2007, this year's big nonwovens-related trade show, which will be held later this month in Miami Beach. Held just once every three years, IDEA i…

  • Adult Incontinence | Feminine Hygiene | Spunlace

    AI: In The News Again

    During the past three weeks, there has been more news relating to adult incontinence than there has been all year. First, Paperpak announced it had a new owner; then, Whitestone bought fellow AI manufacturer Humanicare and finally Procter & Gambl…