SGS to Exhibit at WOW


Company offers a range of testing solutions for nonwovens and wipes

SGS, a leading testing, inspection and certification company, will be exhibiting at the World of Wipes International conference.

Visitors can meet with SGS experts at its table to learn more about the company's latest testing solutions, including: Flushability testing; physical testing; analytical, microscopy and fiber services; prototype services; and packaging testing.

The performance of a wipe, whether wet or dry, depends on many factors, including base sheet composition and structure, as well as the solution or treatment applied. Product specifications are often driven by the customer in terms of key performance characteristics versus brand name products or other third party standards.

Both product and process performance can be impacted by the physical characteristics of the base sheet. Identifying and controlling key physical characteristics within acceptable ranges is a key to success.

Problems with solutions or treatments can result in issues such as “off odor” or poor product performance. IPS Testing can help identify and troubleshoot these issues with disposable wipes.

In addition to running industry standard test methods, IPS also develops custom methods to meet specific customer requirements. So whether trying to evaluate a change in materials between lots, vendors or competitors to developing a new product or demonstrating compliance with a customers’ specifications, IPS can help.

For disposable wipes testing, SGS performs ASTM, ISO and WSP test methods. It has also have developed several IPS methods for measuring fluid delivery.