Glatfelter’s GlatClean Substrate Targets Wipes


Cellulose-based airlaid substrate is durable, soft, and has superior liquid absorption capacity

Glatfelter is offering an eco-friendly, cellulose-based airlaid substrate for GlatClean disinfecting wipes.

“High quality disinfectants deserve the best substrates like those found in GlatClean and we are proud to have invented an eco-friendly, cellulose-based airlaid solution for cleaning and disinfecting wipes,” says Chris Astley, senior vice president and chief commercial officer.

GlatClean is durable, soft, and has superior liquid absorption capacity. It offers low fluid migration through the stack or roll during storage and maintains strength and integrity over time in aqueous, quaternary ammonium and alcohol-based solutions. Formed primarily of cellulose-pulp, GlatClean provides a sustainable and effective solution to the growing disinfecting and sanitizing wipes market given its unique combination of attributes.