Omnova Presents Nonwovens Tribute Technology


Omnova Solutions' Tribute Technology Platform is ideal for use on polypropylene, polyester and PLA as well as multi-fiber component substrates where it facilitates substituion or rebalancing of substrate components. By simplifying the production process and enabling differentiated features, the platform helps deliver cost effective and environmentally friendly products.

The platform inlcudes Sunbond, a soft and compatible binder featuring wet/dry strength, lint-free substrates and reduced quaternary absorption; Acrygen, a durable acrylic binder/active with excellent pigment binder/additive, softness and hand feel, abrasion resistance and non-yellowing performance; and SoftWiock SF20, which imparts best-in-class wicking performance and excellent hydrophilicity and signficantly improved liquid absorption capacity while addressing softness.

At WOW, Omnova executives will present this three-part solution as well as a new technology for dye-catcher applications.