Alkegen Exhibits at Techtextil for First Time


Combination of Unifrax and Lydall, company focuses on construction and advanced materials

Following the combination of Unifrax and Lydall and the subsequent renaming of the busiess to Alkegen, this company exhibited at Techtextil with a focus on advanced material solutions for building and acoustics, heat and safety, protective clothing, medical and wipes, industrial converters and transportation industries. The company's rapid prototyping services and state-of-the-art production lines allow it to devleop custom solutions quickly.

In heat and safety solutions, Alkegen offers state-of-the-art nonwovens for protective equipment that can protect while offering maximum comfort. Within fire protection solutions, Alkegen offers a wide range of solutions for a variety of passive fiber protection applications. Its FyreWrap product family provides proven solutions to meed international fire standards and code requirements in commercial building, transportation and appliance applications.