Indorama Ventures, Filzfabrik Fulda and Strauss Develop Fully Circular Acoustic Insulation


Indorama Ventures (IVL), Filzfabrik Fulda and Strauss-Faser have collaborated to present a complete cradle to cradle, polyester technical felt for use in acoustic insulation, across nonwoven fabric applications which will be showcased at Techtextil.

The successful industry partnership demonstrates the commitment to fully circular sustainability as established fiber producers IVL, nonwoven manufacturers Filzfabrik Fulda (developers of Lanisor) and fiber converters Strauss-Faser have worked together to achieve their common aim of creating cradle to cradle, technical applications. Using recycled fiber in nonwoven applications, they are able to achieve the same or higher standard of products for their customers as seen in the specialist acoustic absorber Lanisor panels collaboration.

At Techtextil, IVL will present the case study of the Lanisor acoustic absorber collaboration and demonstrate the fully
circular material samples to outline the process where the acoustic felt material was future designed through innovative engineering to repurpose the post industrial waste as a resource, showing full circulatory throughout the production process to keep resources in circulation for longer. Working together with Strauss-Faser to achieve Filzfabrik Fulda’s aim of reducing carbon footprint and optimizing the use of resources within the Lanisor acoustic felt panels.

IVL Bobingen processed the initial fiber material for Strauss-Faser who converted the material with Filzfabrik Fulda and worked together for several trials to find a way of reusing 50 tons of post-industrial material from the end of the acoustic production process. Through these trials it was found that Filzfabrik Fulda’s post industrial discarded material could be remelted into granulated resin and returned to IVL’s Bobingen site to be extruded and spun into fibers for use again by Filzfabrik Fulda and Strauss-Faser for the acoustic felt panels. These combined efforts are supporting customers to achieve fully circular targets and advance sustainability objectives within the nonwoven segment. Each company is actively pursuing full scale sustainability targets to attain market leadership in technical textiles which can be 100% recycled after use.

As a global leader in PET Recycling, IVL is reimagining chemistry to create a better world and is fully committed to innovating processes and materials to achieve a circular economy as demonstrated by its business practices and partnerships with industry to use collective expertise to advance all its business segments. IVL is partnering with industry to meet increasingly challenging market demands with collaborative and innovative solutions for sustainable futures across the nonwovens, fibers and fabrics sector.