Trevira Reveals Sustainable Innovations


Company exhibiting alongside parent company Indorama Ventures

Trevira, a specialist for functional fibers and yarns, is presenting its products for a wide range of technologies and applications in the area of technical and functional textiles. As at the last Techtextil fairs in 2015 and 2017, Trevira is appearing together with other exhibitors owned by parent company Indorama Ventures. Sustainability is playing a key part in Trevira’s display and across the entire Indorama joint fair booth.

Trevira GmbH has worked with its customers to develop a variety of new products based on biopolymers, currently a huge topic for sustainable textiles.

One sustainable product is a pillow by Trevira's Portuguese customer Carlos Manuel Salgado Costa, Ltd. (Analar). The filling for the pillow consists of 95% biopolymer PLA. PLA fibers from sustainable raw materials offer a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based fibers, and PLA is recyclable and 100% biodegradable with industrial composting. Because of its sustainability, this pillow has qualified for its Sinfineco brand, only awarded to sustainable Trevira products.

Aeropowder, a start-up company based in London, has launched a new sustainable product, pluumo---a biodegradable, innovative packaging material that harnesses the power of feathers. Feathers have naturally insulating properties, and to find a fiber that would help realize their design idea, Aeropowder turned to Trevira GmbH. It developed special binding fibers – bicomponent fibers consisting of two different biopolymers. This productive collaboration between Trevira and Aeropowder has resulted in the creation of a completely biodegradable insulating material.

Other products on display include bicomponent fibers, PLA staple fibers and more.