Norafin Exhibits Flax-based Nonwoven


Extra Organic brand can be used to make wallcoverings, acoustic panels, and more

At Techtextil, Norfin Industries, a specialist in the production of technical nonwovens, is exhibiting its new brand Extra Organic.

Arisen from the “Mechanische Flachsspinnerei Meyer & Co.” which was founded in 1877 in Wiesenbad – just a few kilometers from its present site – Norafin has been engaged since the 1980s in the development of nonwoven solutions, amongst others, on the basis of natural fibers.

The cooperation with a French producer of high-quality flax fibers raised the development of new products on a natural fiber basis in the year 2006 to another level. Since then, a team of developers have searched for ecological alternatives to conventional products. One of the first outcomes is the evolution of a natural wallpaper based on flax fibers and viscose fibers, sourced from sustainable forestry, that was introduced to the market in 2017.

The Extra Organic flax wallpaper is a nonwoven wallpaper consisting to 100% of natural fibers. The flax fibers are clearly visible at the surface of the wallpaper and thus, give the natural wallpaper its distinctive appearance. Moreover, its excellent properties fit perfectly in ecological and sustainable room concepts. The flax wallpaper is a specialist in heat insulation. In comparison to conventional wallpapers, it can retain the coziness of the room much longer. Also, the wallpaper consisting of flax and viscose fibers is extremely tear-resistant, has sound absorbing properties and stands out due to its superior UV-resistance.

Room dividers, roller blinds and acoustic panels can also be made from Extra Organic.