Joa Celebrates 90th Anniversary


Hygiene machinery specialist is exhibiting at booth 2608

Established during the Great Depression, Joa is no stranger to overcoming the toughest challenges. In 1932, its founder Curt G. Joa applied for his first patent, which introduced automation to the world of disposable hygiene product manufacturing. His groundbreaking invention led to the creation of the first feminine sanitary napkin machine and set the standard for industry excellence. Decade after decade, that spirit of innovation has carried the company to new heights. For 90 years, Joa has made a tradition of innovation, continually improving production processes for customers in ever-changing markets worldwide.

Currently celebrating its 90th anniversary, Curt G. Joa, Inc. continues to provide innovative hygiene and specialty product converting platforms and technologies. Joa designs solutions for complex production problems based on a deep understanding of the goals each customer seeks to accomplish. Backed by proactive support, our state-of-the-art solutions are recognized for speed, quality, and innovation the world over.

Innovation—which has been a core value of Joa's for over three generations continues to improve production processes for customers in an ever-changing market worldwide. Its innovative specialists can design and manufacture complex processes, from hygiene and specialty product solutions to even something as unique as a bottle opener!

Its bottle openers—which are completely made in house and proprietary to Joa, are unique and function flawlessly. Make sure to visit Joa at booth #2608 and pick up one of its complimentary Joa 90th bottle openers to take home today!