IDEA 2022 Achievement Award Winners Announced


Herrmann Ultrasonics, Rem Brands, LifeSavers, Mann+Hummel, Glatfelter and Suominen honored

The winners of the IDEA 2022 Achievement Awards were presented yesterday at IDEA22. The awards recognize the leading introductions in equipment, raw materials, short-life, long-life and nonwovens products, and sustainability. The following receipients were honored in Miami Beach:

IDEA® Equipment Achievement Award
Elastic Thread Anchoring (ETA) Sonotrode – Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc.
Elastics are an integral component to many hygiene products. Imagine a diaper or incontinence product that is reliable, adhesive-free and extremely soft. Herrmann Ultrasonics Elastic Thread Anchoring (ETA) Sonotrode technology provides just that, in an industry first, easy-to-use closed-loop feedback manufacturing solution. The fixation of the elastic threads is accomplished with ultrasonic energy that offers a wide process window, without the need for tool changeovers, at processing speeds above 2,000 ft./min.

IDEA® Raw Material Achievement Award
ODOGard – Rem Brands, Inc.
Rem Brands, Inc.’s patented ODOGard® technology is a revolutionary advancement in odor elimination. This next-generation odor elimination mechanism works by covalent molecular bonding to malodors. Malodors are permanently attached to the ODOGard® molecule, changing them into non-odorous molecules forever. ODOGard® can be impregnated into pulp fluff and other kinds of media. Whether  malodors come from the air or from hygiene products, ODOGard® has it covered.

IDEA® Short-Life Product Achievement Award
LifeSavers Wipes – LifeSavers LLC
LifeSavers Wipes are personal hygiene wipes that change color if they detect abnormal health indicators in the urine. The launch product is a diabetic wipe, which will change color if there are abnormal levels of glucose in the urine. The wipes are therefore triple purposed as they assist with personal hygiene after urinating, act as an early warning system, and serve as an instant glucose monitor. UTI and kidney disease wipes are next in line.

IDEA® Long-Life Product Achievement Award
Nanofiber Cabin Air Filter – MANN + HUMMEL GmbH
MANN+HUMMEL has developed a hybrid media by combining electret-based spunbond and a pure mechanical filtration layer of ultrafine polymer fibers. The result: an outstanding separation of PM1 particles up to 95 percent, according to DIN EN ISO 16890. This technology enables stable filtration performance and long-term efficiency over the whole filter lifetime. The nanofiber layer can be combined with any cabin air filter media of the MANN+HUMMEL range, improving air quality in a vehicle’s cabin significantly.

IDEA® Sustainability Advancement Award
Fiber-based Screw Caps – Glatfelter Corp. and Blue Ocean Closures
Finally, an alternative to metal and plastic screw caps! Blue Ocean Closures partnered with Glatfelter and ALPLA to accelerate and produce sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. The companies optimized their use of renewable and recyclable wood fibers and airlaid materials by creating paper-based screw caps that are durable, strong, and water-resistant. The method of proprietary vacuum press forming allows for low production cost and high scalability.

IDEA® Nonwoven Product Achievement Award
HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo – Sustainable Nonwoven Substrates – Suominen Corporation
Suominen’s latest moist tissue product, HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo achieves dry tissue dispersibility through a proprietary blend of 100 percent sustainable cellulosic materials, minimizing environmental impact. This flushable nonwoven has a premium hand feel for a luxurious consumer experience. In addition, it passes dispersibility standards set by INDA (GD4) and the International Water Services Flushability Group (IWSFG.) HYDRASPUN® Aquaflo is produced in Europe and North America and represents multi-year development and market insights to deliver a personal care product ideal for today’s consumer.

Also at the awards ceremony, Val Hollingsworth, board chair and CEO of Hollingsworth & Vose, was named the IDEA 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, and Doug Brown, president of Biax-Fiberfilm / 5K Fibres was named the IDEA Entrepreneur Achievement Award recipient at the event.