Alliance Machine and Engraving Offers New Turret Calender Technology


New solution minimizes the downtime and risk created from roll changeout

The new Alliance Turret Calender technology has gone live and is currently being used in production in the United States. The revolutionary turret design has provided facilities with the ability to streamline their roll changeout and avoid the need to remove and load live engraved rolls when altering bonding patterns. This system is equipped with three engraved rolls and one bottom-loaded smooth anvil roll. The rolls can be heated individually, which gives an operator the ability to preheat a second roll while production is occurring. Once the operator is ready to begin the roll change, they will open the nip, retract the drive and rotate the turret axis to the next roll. Every step of this process can be done from the calenders PLC.

Manufacturers that process with multiple patterns run the risk of damaging the live engraving during the traditional removal and loading of engraved rolls. In addition, it can take more than half the day to cool a roll down, unload it, place the next roll, and heat the roll to production temperature. The Alliance Turret Calender has become a solution to minimize the downtime and risk created from roll changeout.