5K Fibres Exhibiting at IDEA


Company’s Spun-Blown polypropylene targets a range of applications

5K Fibres has announced unique technologies to reduce the amount of fabric and associated fibers needed to make a number of hygiene and related products. 5K Fibres can eliminate the need to add spunbond and similar layers to the outsides of certain fabric media formerly added for strength.

“With the inherent strength of the 5K nonwovens, we are focused on our core technology and some new patents around what we trademarked as the name ‘Spun-Blown’ where we can make very strong fibers,” says CEO Douglas Brown.

At IDEA, booth 2201, 5K Fibres is exhibiting products including:

- Spun-Blown Polypropylene in a variety of basis weights. This material is targeted for:
   - Spunbond replacement. Depending on the product, it allows for a finer fiber outer layer that offers a softer hand and drapability while not compromising strength.
   - Strong wipes materials. Potentially for heavier duty jobs.
   - Pleatable fabrics for filtration. HVAC and cabin air filters for automobiles.
   - SMS replacement products for barrier products in hospital gowns. These can be made in one layer and have a softer hand with greater comfort for health care professionals.
- Polyethylene wipes. Current trials offer a softer wipe using PE. This is a valued choice for niche wipes markets where softness matters. Skin contact products are a focus.
- N95 and surgical mask media.
- Lens wipes using polypropylene. Point bonded/lint-free wipes for cleaning glasses without scratching the lens.
- Recycled PET soda bottle scrap made into new/unique nonwovens media.
- PLA materials for face masks and wipes products. These will be compostable to turn the fabrics back to nature in a sustainable way.