Mogul Presenting a Range of Nonwovens


Turkish nonwovens producer is exhibiting at booth 2004 at IDEA

At IDEA, Mogul is showcasing PP spunbond, PET spunbond (mono and bico), spunlace (parallel and cross lap), meltblown (including SMS), microfilament, and extrusion coated fabrics.

The company’s Madaline Bico microfilament hydroentangled fabric uses state-of-the-art patented bico technology with unique filament designs that are sheared and subjected to high pressure water jets to simultaneously fibrillate and entangle and consolidate the microfilaments. Microfilaments are up to 100 times thinner than a human hair which is the key to Madaline’s unique properties. Its dense structure provides very good barrier and filtration properties. Thanks to its microfilament structure, it is very absorbent, but quick to dry, and breathable (good moisture management) and washable. It also exhibits very good thermal insulation, wind resistance and UV protection. This unique technology provides very smooth fabric hand that is closest to textiles with excellent dye capability, excellent durability and no “Velcro” effect.

Madaline fabrics can be used for a wide range of different applications such as: clothing (sportswear, leisure wear, uniforms and workwear), home textiles, industry, digital large-format printing media for signs and advertising and printed labels, mattress covers, dry wipes and towels (sports towels, industrial cleaning cloths), filtration, technical packaging, sun protection (tents, shelters, awnings, truck covers) and window blinds, coating substrates and synthetic leather backing, all covering, automotive applications (interior seat covers), acoustic insulation for cars and building applications.

Meanwhile, Dynetex is a cross lap spunlace made from UHMWPE. With Dynatex, Mogul provides products with ballistic and stab protection. They can be used to make protective footwear, security forces clothes (military-police), gloves, climbing, cycling, anti-vandal products and protectors for a wide range of industries. In shoemaking, safety shoes can be produced by using this product instead of steel. Also, it is a product that can be used in the mattress industry as it has a cooling effect.

Metatex is a cross lap spunlace made from meta and para-aramid and blends. Metatex provides a range of high-grade fabrics that answer the market’s needs for a lightweight material applied in thermal clothing. These fabrics can be used in firefighter protective clothing and rubber reinforcements. From protective clothing to automotive hoses and filtration systems the possibilities are very wide ranging. It provides a longer lifetime for automotive hoses, industrial felt, filtration bags, and other products that operate in severe heat conditions.