Loptex Launches EXA Embedded Technology


Company's technology identifies and eliminates contamination in nonwoven blow room lines

Consumers of hygienic and medical items demand products that grant purity, care and comfort to the human skin. The risk of contamination in those products is nowadays a fact. Their origin and source are of different nature. They are included into the category of “rare event.” Nevertheless, they seriously affect the quality of the final product.

Loptex, a leading company for the identification and elimination of contamination in nonwoven blow room lines, has recently launched the new EXA Embedded Technology consisting of new color cameras with high-definition lenses for the sharpest and accurate vision, detection and elimination of color contaminants including black spots.

This technology keeps into account the critical conditions of an industrial environment due to the presence of dust, electrical and mechanical noises. Furthermore, it successfully faces any chemical additive on fibers without compromising its performance vision.

Loptex additionally offers the remote-control feature for the online control, testing and fine tuning of the sorting systems.

The remote-control additionally provides full assistance to the operators and helps to fill the competence gap in the production process.

Loptex is willing to share to its visitors the latest statistical data on contamination reduction in spunlace and thermal bond finished webs. Loptex, through agencies and service stations in the main textile area of the world, guarantees excellent support to its customers.