Dow Introduces Aspun AT Next-Gen PE Resins


Resins offer increased softness and comfort to wipes and personal hygiene products

Dow announced the launch of Aspun AT, a new next-generation fiber-grade polyethylene resin designed to provide people of all ages with even more freedom to live comfortably and lead active lifestyles. Aspun AT is the newest addition to Dow’s well-known Aspun resin family and provides ultra-soft, cloth-like comfort to health and hygiene nonwovens, including wipes and diapers

“Our customers have known and trusted Aspun resins for more than 20 years,” says Mike White, senior market manager for Health & Hygiene, Dow. “With Aspun AT, we’ve taken a best-in-class product and made it even better with enhancements ensuring softness, but also providing  the highest level of abrasion resistance within the Aspun portfolio.”

Aspun AT resins provide more of the benefits of PE in hygiene applications, including comfort and discreteness that are essential for crucial applications like adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products. The resins make it possible to produce much thinner fibers, helping brand owners bring to market softer and more comfortable nonwoven articles with strong abrasion resistance, better drapeability, a microfiber-like feel and a higher-quality appearance that consumers increasingly demand.

Additionally, Aspun AT offers improved drawability and thermal stability, allowing manufacturers to produce thinner fibers without breakage. The product also enables manufacturers  to create longer, more stable line runs with fewer defects and higher yields for more efficient processing.