H.B. Fuller Showcases Sustainable Solutions for Hygiene


Adhesives manufacturer presents three foundation pillars of its new “Grow in the Now” vision

At INDEX (Booth 1522), H.B. Fuller is presenting the three foundation pillars of its new “Grow in the Now” vision for hygiene manufacturers, driven by a strong commitment to collaborate with customers, innovate and advance H.B. Fuller’s sustainable solutions for the hygiene and nonwovens industry as a whole.

The specialty hygiene adhesives team is highlighting its wide range of innovative technologies and applications underpinned by the three pillars of the “Grow in the Now” philosophy.
  1. Thriving Collaboration is more than a priority for H.B. Fuller—it is a shared belief applied every day across the organization, and with customers, for a greater purpose and business outcomes. At INDEX 23, the company launched a Virtual Hygiene Technical Center. This new interactive solution brings the experience of H.B. Fuller’s full technical expertise and capabilities to customers, anytime and anywhere, at an advanced level. Expectations are high, surrounding the unveiling of the new tool and customers and business partners will take part in this digitized collaboration.
  2. Reimagine Solutions is the mantra of the H.B. Fuller Hygiene team. At this exhibit, manufacturers have the opportunity to learn about its comprehensive adhesive portfolio. As products and processes are tailored to meet the ever-evolving market demands and unique applications, the onsite experts will also showcase how they are reimagining solutions for the industry, providing an opportunity for customers to draw on their extensive experience to discover the best solutions for their specifications.
  3. Advancing Sustainability is a strong lever of H.B. Fuller’s global commitment toward a more circular economy. Adhesive solutions are a key enabler for everyday products, especially for manufacturers to reduce their environmental impact by working with more sustainable substrates, improving production efficiencies, and reducing material usage, energy and greenhouse gas emissions. With a variety of options, such as low-application temperature, high mileage, special core, or the portfolio of bio-based adhesives, H.B. Fuller presents technologies that enable the reduction of the carbon footprint of absorbent hygiene articles.

“As a market leader in hygiene adhesives, we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting industry. INDEX 23 gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas with our customers and partners about the needs and innovations across the hygiene supply chain. In addition to our innovative portfolio, H.B. Fuller is also unveiling a new technical digital solution and providing high specification applications to enable the production of smarter personal care articles,” says Larissa Janka, business director Hygiene in Europe at H.B. Fuller.