Lycra Launches EnviroFit Fiber


New fiber utilizes thinner yarns

The Lycra Company, a developer of innovative and sustainable fiber and technology solutions for the personal care and apparel industries, is exhibiting its newest fiber innovations for hygiene and personal care products at INDEX 23.

At the trade show, The Lycra Company commercially launched Lycra EnviroFit fiber, one of the many fibers that the company has developed as part of its Planet Agenda sustainability platform. With its unique chemistry, Lycra EnviroFit fiber utilizes thinner yarns, reducing the amount of fiber per article and helping conserve resources without compromising product performance.

“We are thrilled to introduce Lycra EnviroFit fiber, which reduces fiber weight while maintaining the overall quality and performance that personal care products require,” says Scott Blackadar, president, personal care at The Lycra Company. “Having less mass means fewer resources and less energy are consumed during diaper production. This fiber will appeal to manufacturers who want to significantly reduce their product’s environmental impact and help improve its carbon footprint.”

In addition to continuously improving its range of fibers for personal care products, The Lycra Company also focuses on providing total solutions for the challenges its customers face. The company is offering two unique delivery technologies aimed at improving the spandex unwinding process and improving diaper line productivity that will also be promoted at the show.

Introducing Trio Loop Yarn Control
The Lycra Company is showcasing the Trio Loop Technology at INDEX 23, the latest yarn control system from BTSR International S.p.A. Trio Loop Technology, in combination with MATRIXCUBE tension controlled plug-and-play unwinding systems, improves yarn tension control and adds more troubleshooting options to further improve diaper line productivity.

Distributing Knotter Type 093E
The Lycra Company is also the exclusive global distributor of the new and improved Knotter Type 093E for diaper production. This breakthrough innovation by Mesdan S.p.A. offers manufacturers greater efficiency and reliability by eliminating manual knot tying and reducing machine stops.

“By offering these delivery technologies, we are demonstrating that we are a trusted and highly valued solution provider in the industry,” says Werner Hopstaken, global director, personal care at The Lycra Company. “We are excited to offer our personal care customers these innovative products by BTSR and Mesdan and encourage them to contact us to learn more.”

The Lycra Company representatives will be at stand number 2151 at INDEX.