Kansan Demonstrates Fully Integrated Flat-Pack Wet Wipe Manufacturing Plant


Kansan's flow wrap machine Acurapack 140S and Andropack's Cobot Palletizer are seen for the first time at INDEX23

At the biggest booth in the exhibition area at INDEX, Kansan will demonstrate a fully automated wet wipe production line with a flat-pack wet wipe machine, a flow wrap packaging machine, and a lid applicator robot which are completely integrated with a case packer and a Cobot palletizer of Andropack.

“Visitors at the INDEX23 fair can look forward to a unique exhibition from Kansan. With the combined expertise and shared commitment of Kansan Materials - Kansan – Andropack to quality, sustainability, and efficiency, are setting a new standard for excellence in the wet wipe industry throughout the entire value chain. Whether you are interested in wet wipe machinery, wetlaid technology, or end-of-line solutions, Kansan is sure to offer a wealth of insights and inspiration for visitors during the fair. Meet with us at booth #1170 to find the best solution to your inquiries on upstream and downstream applications," the company says.

The flow wrap machine Acurapack 140S of Kansan and the Cobot Palletizer of Andropack will be seen for the first time at INDEX23!

Wetlaid Technology of Kansan Materials

The Kansan Materials team has been hard at work perfecting the wetlaid line and the line is almost ready for launch. The KM Wetlaid production line has advanced features and capabilities that enable it to produce high-quality wetlaid materials efficiently and cost-effectively, which could help to meet the growing demand for wetlaid materials in various industries such as hygiene, filtration, medical, and more.

Kansan has been providing crucial manufacturing solutions in every aspect of wet wipe production from the flat pack and cross-fold converting machines to flow wrappers, lid applicator robots, case packers, and palletizers for 30 years. These state-of-the-art production systems are highly versatile and designed to process the most delicate nonwovens with ease for manufacturing various types of dry and wet wipes, baby wipes, wet toilet papers, general cleaning wipes, disinfectant wipes, and many more. Kansan’s wet wipe converting machines that can also work with the new generation flushable and biodegradable raw materials with high efficiency and productivity.