MS Ultrasonic Highlights Newly Developed Systems for Nonwovens


MS sonxSYS Combine has been tested in the high-speed range up to 850 m/min

The MS Ultrasonic Technology Group acts as a technology and innovation leader in ultrasonic technology, develops and builds flexible special machines, pioneering series machines, modular systems and efficient components for high-performance complete solutions. MS Ultrasonic thus covers the demanding needs of customers in the automotive, packaging/food, textile, medical technology, consumer goods and electrical components industries.

This enables them to optimally weld, punch, seal, cut and rivet thermoplastics, textiles and nonwovens, as well as cut food and other materials.

The MS Ultrasonic Technology Group is part of the listed MS Industrie AG with internationally active companies.

In addition to the company's well-known activities, MS is now placing a new focus on the continuous welding of nonwovens and other materials.

The company is incorporating its many years of experience in mechanical engineering with drive and control technology, in combination with ultrasonic technology, into the new business area. This means that customers receive ready-to-integrate systems with maximum precision from a single source.

The new MS Competence Center in Ettlingen, Germany, provides continuous welding with an innovative location and maintains a high level of vertical integration through the headquarters in Spaichingen, Germany.

The newly developed systems (MS sonxSYS Combine) for the nonwovens segment have already been tested in the high-speed range up to 850 m/min and are being presented to the trade public at INDEX.

The analysis and evaluation of various welding tasks is just as much a part of this as the in-house production of engraving rollers through to complete systems.