Farè Promotes Nonwovens Manufacturing Equipment


Company develops complete spunbond, meltblown and composite systems

With more 500 industrial lines operating worldwide, since 1970 Farè (booth 2571) has been designing and manufacturing equipment to produce synthetic fibers based on extrusion of a variety of polymers. Its projects deliver to the customer turn-key solutions for several sectors of application.

Farè manufacturers complete spunbond, meltblown and composite systems with customized solutions for the production of nonwovens suitable to cover all market demands from hygienic starting from 8 gsm to technical applications up to 1000 gsm. Configurations for Hi-loft and High-strength nonwovens mono or bicomponent layouts are available.
  • Spunbond: from 1 beam (S) up to 3 beams (SSS)
  • Composite: in combination with meltblown from 3 beams (SMS) up to 6 beams (SSMMMS)
  • Meltblown (stand alone): from 1 beam (M) to 2 beams (MM)

Farè also manufactures staple lines for the production of a wide range of fibers like solid fibers, hollow fibers, neutral and colored fibers. Configurations available with mono or bicomponent layout as follows:
  • One step process: from polymer to fiber in one plant to satisfy most of the market requirements. Low conversion costs and high flexibility make this solution a very attractive answer to most of the market requirements
  • Two step process: for high-speed production of special fibers. Thanks to the high spinning speed, the two-step process is the right solution for the production of special fibers (especially cotton fibers) and it is the right choice whenever the staple fiber line is downstream of a polymerization or polycondensation system (direct spinning).

For all technologies the PET dryerless extrusion system  is available, which enables to overcome all typical issues related to the PET flakes processing such as viscosity and bulk density irregularities, presence of pollutants, the formation of dust, etc., bringing to the following benefits: Optimized melt homogenization, efficient melt decontamination and lower polymer degradation, maximum process flexibility with possibility to process up to 100% of PET recycled bottle flakes / R-PET in pellets, lower energy consumption with equipment space reduction.

In the perspective of a circular economy and sustainability, the Farè plants have the capability to process bio-based material with guaranteed production capacity.