Berry Global Showcases Premium Nonwovens at INDEX20


Suavis 3D offers high levels of softness and comfort

Berry Global is showcasing its wide range of nonwovens for hygiene, wipes and additional applications at INDEX20. The company's most recent launch is  a three dimensional embossed nonwoven being marketed under the brand name Suavis 3D. Suavis 3D  is expected to meet the growing premium market demand for high levels of softness and comfort. Suavis 3D technology allows for enhanced softness and cushioning of the company’s nonwoven solutions for hygiene applications and offers visually appealing embossing patterns as well as the opportunity to deliver a premium experience to the end consumer.
This  product was made possible by a new three-dimensinal embossing line in Biesheim, France, which provides premium, value-added, and high-performing solutions to the nonwoven fabric hygiene market.
The 3D technology, combined with Berry’s premium, soft nonwoven solutions can deliver advanced fluid management and skin comfort, as well as enhance cushioning and lofty performance. This new embossed material will be used in diapers, adult incontinence, and feminine care products.
“It has been a fantastic journey, from the installation of our 3D line in Biesheim, France, to the launch of Suavis 3D and I’m proud of this new platform of premium nonwovens clearly addressing the need for softness and cushioning,” reports Vincenzo D’Acchioli, marketing director at Berry Global.