Pegas Announces Plans for South African Investment


Nonwovens producer will add 10,000 ton line there

Pegas Nonwovens S.A. has announced more details of its South African investment. The company announced mid last year it was establishing a subsidiary there and earlier this year said it had decided to add capacity in the country.

This week, the Czech Republic-based nonwovens producer said it had formed an agreement with machinery supplier Reicofil to purchase an S-TwinMB-S 2600 RF4s Compact BiCo spunmelt line for the site. The line, which will be capable of making about 10,000 tons of capacity per year, will start being built in July 2017.

"Concluding an agreement with the production technology supplier is a further step along the road to the realization of our plan to build a new production plant in South Africa. For this new location, we want to order the most modern production line based on the Compact concept in a BiCo configuration, which will enable us to bring technologically advanced materials to the local market. The installation of a similar production line, the first of its kind in the world, is currently being completed in the Czech Republic. I firmly believe that this production line will indeed prove its qualities in real operating conditions, and we will subsequently take full advantage of this in South Africa," says František Řezáč CEO of Pegas Nonwovens s.r.o. and member of the Board of Directors of Pegas Nonwovens S.A.

Pegas is adding a similar Compact line in the Czech Republic.