TruCotton Showcased Unbleached Cotton


Innovations focus on sustainability for nonwoven-based products

At Hygienix, TruCotton will be showcasing uses for its unbleached cotton fibers, which are never chemically altered and retain all of their natural waxes and oils. They are 100% biodegradable, compostable, renewable and sustainable. These materials are well suited for the Hygienix conference, which focues on sustainabiltiy, natural fibers and transparency.

New sustainable technologies from TruCotton include a rapidly dispersing short-cut version of TruCotton (TC-1S-SC) for the wetlaid industry. This treated short-cut fiber allows for fast introduction to water even though greige, unbleached cotton, is naturally hydrophobic and, thus, difficult to submerge and disperse in wetlaid systems. TruCotton can add value to wetlaid substrates, as it is a hydrophobic cellulose which will add bulk density and not suffer wet collapse or swelling like other absorbent natural materials. Trial amounts of this short-cut fiber are currently available. 
The second material advancement is a commercially available TruCotton-based nonwoven material which readily absorbs any type of oil. This technology is pertinent to any industrial wipe producers looking for a sustainable natural fiber which will readily absorb oil without the need for petroleum-derived fibers. This wipe is currently produced in the U.S. by a major nonwovens spunlace manufacturer.