Angelini Technologies and Fameccanica Present at Hygienix


Companies specializes in converting and digital services

Angelini Technologies and Fameccanica presented converting technologies at Hygieneix 2023. Fameccanica became 100% a part of Angelinie Industries in 2022 after years of being a joint venture company. From its beginning, Fameccanica has acquired skills in the design and implementation of production lines for consumer goods. Technological investments have been made consistently, realizing frontier solutions fo rits customers in both the areas of converting and digital services, thus becoming a key player in the consumer goods segment and in Smart Factory Automation.

With more than 1300 installations delivered worldwide and 1000-plus current patent rights, the company designs and develops technologies and services for the industrial production of household and personal products, sustainable packaging and digital services dedicated to process optimization. To support the customer in the design of the entire production process, Fameccanica has developed Greenpackt, an innovative patented, integrated system that allows industrializing and automating the production of sustainable single-dose detergent packaging.

Greenpackt simplifies production processes, ensures child safety, provides high moisture resistance and in one year of production has saved the equivalent of four million young trees in CO2 emissions.