Mundao Presents Compostable Diaper


Product degrades to more than 90%

Mundao— an industrially compostable baby diaper company—will present its Popotine and Diap'Earth diapers at Hygienix 2024.  These diapers provides a circular solution to the AHP waste issue and have been proven to decompose up to 91% within three months.

Calling the disposable baby diaper an ecological disaster, co-founderStéphanie Mazet says, "We want to develop and bring to the market a compostable solution as well as a successful collection method."

According to Mundao, these diapers, which are based on botanical raw materials, have been been part of a pilot program conducted in daycare centers in Bordeux, France. Since 2022, the company has produced and composted 300,000 diapers which have been used 70 nursery centers in France. About 2000 children have participated in the program. Looking ahead, the program will expand into Europe, initially in Austria.