Baby Life Presents Diapers at Hygienix


Jordan manufacturer aims for global expansion

Baby Life, an Amman, Jordan-based manufacturer of absorbent products is present at Hygienix. The company has been serving the disposable baby diaper market since 1996 and more recently entered the feminine care market with its Lady Life brand.

The company's mission is to surpass its current production rate of 200,000 diapers per hour with a total annual output of one billion pieces. This will allow the company to establish a global presence in the industry. Currently, Baby Life reaches 32 countries globally thanks to $400 million in nvestment spending in recent years.

According to the company, Baby Life diapers are made using state-of-the-art global technologies. They feature a medical belt designs to support babies in taking their first steps. Additionally, the diapers hold the Middle East's first certification demonstrating the they aid in strengthening baby's spinal cords.