Expandable Core Wrap Technology Nominated for Award

By Karen McIntyre, editor | 11.16.21

Joa technology enables higher SAP cores

Expandable Core Wrap from Curt G. Joa, Inc. has been nominated for a Hygienix Innovation Award. This patent-pending expandable core wrap design  allows the core to expand within the containment wrap as the product is insulted, regardless of the blended fluff and superabsorbent polymer (SAP) ratio. The expandable wrap enables higher SAP cores, resulting in thinner, more absorbent hygiene products. Core materials stay contained within the wrap, reducing leakage risk, decreasing skin irritation, and improving skin health. The expandable core wrap design is available for product cores with and without channels.   

Current fluff sap ratios are int eh range of 50% of higher which poses a signficiant problem with manufacturing. If you don't wrap it you can use material in the process," says Chris Nelson, business development manager. "This can maintain the SAP and keep the packaging consistent."

Additional product design features include:
• Core edge definition that rivals die cut;
• Balanced SAP distribution with more consistent core weights;
• Single or dual dusting layer capability with homogenous blend of fluff and SAP.