Nan Liu Chairman Discusses Investments


Nonwovens manufacturer's facilities are in Taiwan, India and mainland China

Nan Liu Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of the leading nonwovens manufacturing companies in Asia, and has been ranked in the top 40 list of worldwide nonwovens manufacturers for years. The company operates production bases and facilities in Taiwan, India and mainland China with products serving the growing needs of disposable hygiene, medical, and nursing markets.

C.S.Huang, chairman of Nan Liu Enterprise Co., Ltd., is also the chairman of the Asia Nonwovens Fabric Association (ANFA). He says that the nonwovens industry keeps growing at a very fast pace, with almost all production lines operating at full capacities, and more and more production lines of spunlace, spunbond and meltblown are coming in.

Nan Liu is also very positive about the future, and continuously invests in Taiwan, India and mainland China. For example, the company invested about $100 million in Taiwan, mainly for expanding its spunlace capacities, and constructed a new plant in India. It is expected that in 2019, the total nonwovens annual capacity at Nan Liu will be above 75000 tons. The products will be used in hygiene, medical and daily-use disposable products.

Commenting on the newcomers in the industry, Mr. Huang says it is difficult to get high quality products just by investing in equipment. Compared with hardware, the expertise of keeping quality and cost under control and maintaining good relationships with customers is more difficult but critical. “If you can do all these things with high quality, then the market always leaves a space for you to expand. Otherwise, things will be difficult,” he says.

According to Mr. Huang, for the high-end disposable nonwovens medical products, SMS accounts for about 90% of the market share, with the remaining 10% being spunlace. Nan Liu is the major supplier of wood pulp based spunlace materials for disposable surgical gowns and drapes in Asia. 

In the future, Mr. Huang says nonwovens products will become more diversified, and Nan Liu will come focus on innovation.